Full calendar view (month) is supported since version 1.0.

Does not require any addon (comes with basic addon)



Full Calendar Shortcode

Usage: [ eventCalendar ]

  • width in px
  • height in px
  • categories:
    • List of category ids to display events from. Example: 1,4,7
    • When not used, all events are loaded
  • display_mode:
    • tooltip: Shows a dot on the calendar day cell. Event are then shown in a tooltip. (default)
    • show_directly: Shows events directly on the calendar day cell
    • show_spread: Shows events spread over all days of the duration of the event.
  • show_spots_left: Show spots left inside the tooltip or on the calendar day cell directly. (on/off): Default is off.


Deprecated/Removed options:
  • lazy_load (removed): (Now by default active)
  • loadall: Pre loads all events. Default is false. (Not supported anymore, option ignored)
  • tooltip (deprecated): Shows the event names when hovering over the day: (Supported and will force display_mode to tooltip)
  • show_events_directly (deprecated): Shows the event names directly on the calendar: (Supported and will force display_mode to show_directly


  • [ eventCalendar ]
  • [ eventCalendar display_mode=”show_directly” ]
  • [ eventCalendar width=”1000″ height=”600″  display_mode=”tooltip” show_spots_left=”on” ]
  • [ eventCalendar width=”1000″ height=”800″  display_mode=”show_spread” categories=”3,5″ ]



In Settings > Calendar tab you have the ability to change everything about the calendar.

Settings as of version 3.73: