Shortcode: eventslist

This shortcode will allow you to list multiple events.

Example listing all upcoming events with type “cardExpand”:


  • type:
    • box: Displays events as box (default)
    • card: Displays events as cards
    • cardExpand: Displays events as Expandable Cards
  • width: optional (in px), defaults to the settings value.
  • categories:
    • Dont include to display all.
    • List of ids to display events from those categories only. Example: 1,2,3
  • events: Default: “all”, values: “all” – “upcoming” – “passed”
  • months: Gets events in set months. Ex “1,2” will display events from Jan and Feb. Dont set to fetch from all months.
  • nextdays: If set will show events in the coming set days. Ex: 15 will show events of the coming 15 days.
  • order: Default: “asc”, values: “asc” – “desc”
  • limit: Default: “100”
  • filter:  Allows user to filter events by categories. Default: “off” (“on”/”off”)
  • show_occurences_as_seperate:  When off, will show event once in the list even if it has more than one occurrence. If turned on, will show every occurrences as a new entires (eventbox/card) in the list. “more dates” button will still be shown on the event.. Default: “off” (“on”/”off”)