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To show giftcard button: [ eventGiftCard id=”1″ display=”button”][/eventGiftCard]

To show giftcard box: [ eventGiftCard id=”1″ display=”box”][/eventGiftCard]


This is a gift card example.

Buy and send them to your beloved ones.

To change default box width

[ eventGiftCard id=”1″ display=”box” width=”500″][/eventGiftCard]


To change button text:

[ eventGiftCard id=”1″ display=”button”]Buy %amount% gift card[/eventGiftCard]
[ eventGiftCard id=”1″ display=”box”]Buy %amount% gift card[/eventGiftCard]

%amount% is a keyword and will be replaced by the formatted amount.



GiftCard Settings


Make sure you have the new version of the paypal folder (Came with EBP version 3.9+)