Releasing in mid August 2017

Shows a central slider

[ ebpSlider]

Shows a banner-like slider

[ ebpSlider central="off"]

Custom size without dots and the circular effect. Central mode and no thumbnail

[ ebpSlider width="600" height="150" infinite="off"  dots="off"]

Slider with custom width, autoplay and thumbnails on slides

[ ebpSlider width="800" thumbnail="on" autoplay="on"]

Slider that shows 3 slides and scrolls 1. With central effect and no thumbnail

[ ebpSlider slides_to_show="3" slides_to_scroll="1"  height="300"]

A vertical slider

[ ebpSlider vertical="on"]

Shortcode Options:

All are optional

  • UI Options:
    • width in px, if not set will default to the settings.
    • height in px, if not set will default to the settings.
    • vertical: adsad Default: “off” (“on”/”off”)
    • central: adsad Default: “off” (“on”/”off”)
    • thumbnail: Show the event\’s image in slide. Default: “off” (“on”/”off”)
    • slides_to_show: Number of slides to show. Default: 1
    • slides_to_scroll: Number of slides to scroll on prev/next button press. Default: 1
    • infinite: Enable circular effect of slides (next/prev button loop through slides) Default: “on” (“on”/”off”)
    • speed: Slider effect speed Default: 300
    • autoplay: Default: “off” (“on”/”off”)
    • autoplay_speed: Default: 2000
    • slider_id: give an html id to your slider
  • Data Options:
    • events_types
      • upcoming (default)
      • passed
      • all
    • categories:
      • Dont include to display all.
      • List of ids to display events from those categories only. Example: 1,2,3
    • months: Gets events in set months. Ex “1,2” will display events from Jan and Feb. Dont set to fetch from all months.
    • nextdays: If set will show events in the coming set days. Ex: 15 will show events of the comming 15 days.
    • order: Default: “asc”, values: “asc” – “desc”
    • limit: Default: “100”
    • show_occurences_as_seperate: When off, will show event once in the list even if it has more than one occurrence. If turned on, will show every occurrences as a new entires (eventbox/card) in the list. “more dates” button will still be shown on the event.. Default: “off” (“on”/”off”)

Some data option examples:

  • [ ebpSlider categories=”4″]
    • A slider that shows events from a specific category
  • [ ebpSlider categories=”1,2,3″]
    • A slider that shows events from a 3 categories
  • [ ebpSlider limit=”2″]
    • A slider that shows 2 upcoming events only
  • [ ebpSlider months=”9,10″]
    • A slider that shows upcoming events for month 9 and 10
  • [ ebpSlider nextdays=”10″]
    • A slider that shows events for the next 10 days
  • [ ebpSlider categories=”4″, nextdays=”15″, months=”2]
    • A slider that shows events from category 4 that are in the next 10 days of February.