Display a weekly calendar of your events!

Requires: ebp v. 3.80+

Shortcode details:

Usage: [ eventWeeklyView width=”1000″ height=”600″ ]

  • width in px
  • height in px
  • categories:
    • List of category ids to display events from. Example: 1,4,7
    • When not used, all events are loaded
  • show_spots_left: Show spots left inside the tooltip or on the calendar day cell directly. (on/off): Default is off.
  • show_background: (on/off): Default is off.


  • [ eventWeeklyView width=’400′ height=’1000′ ]
  • [ eventWeeklyView width=’400′ height=’1000′ show_spots_left=”on”]
  • [ eventWeeklyView width=’400′ height=’1000′ show_background=”on”]

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