We support 2 modes:

  • Mode 1: Use the responsive booking form (Default)

    Same experience as on desktop browsers, a booking form will pop up above your current page.
    However, your theme might be too heavy and thus a popup on mobile might not be optimal. In this case, use mode 2.


  • Mode 2: Use a separate booking page

    In this mode the user is redirected to a new page. The advantage of this that your website’s extra code wont work. Thus the experience will be much better.
    Downside, a redirect and not a popup.


How ?

To use mode 2 set Open booking form as a separate page on mobile  in  Settings > Booking form tab to true.

Default is mode 1 (false)

mobile as seperate

Separate mobile booking page not loading

Follow this guide


Prior to version 3.80 the default was mode 2.

New option introduced in version 3.80.